The First Post

Hello, and welcome to the very first post of The Barenaked Genealogist! I highly doubt many people at all will ever see this post unless they go through the archives, but I’m OK with that.

I have intended to try to join the genealogy blogosphere for several years now, and have even start-stopped a few times, but never got fully behind any effort. There are a half-dozen unfinished draft posts sitting on the dashboard to this very blog, some of which I hope actually finish this time around. Even this very post has been posted, deleted, and re-posted at least a half-dozen times.

After ruminating for a while on why I never got this off the ground, I think the biggest problem may have been getting the first post off of my chest. And since it’s October, it’s Family History Month, so why not start now? Here then, is that creatively titled first post. Nothing of any consequence, just something to get me going.

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